Health: I Like Going To The Dentist… Here’s Why


Before you run off, hear me out. I love going to the dentist because I barely ever went as a child, maybe twice did I ever go until I was around 16 years old. My parents couldn’t really afford to send me to one, and any community dental services weren’t known to them.

Even now I can only afford to go once a year (and hope nothing is wrong), so when I do go it is almost exciting, another element of my excitement is that I have never had a cavity before, even without seeing a dentist for much of my life, so whenever I go, I am hoping to find out whether I have made it another year without one. I have started see the dentist at Kakar Dental Group and they are great there and very friendly.

Yesterday was my yearly visit, and I am pleased to say, it looks like I have made it another year without a cavity. The physical check was fine, as was the X-Ray, I still have a full mouth X-Ray to do, but otherwise everything looks good (except my long time issue of not having enough room in my mouth for all my teeth).

I know many people are afraid, or hate the dentist, don’t get me wrong, I really dislike getting them cleaned, or having anything else done – like a tooth extraction, that’s not fun. However when you aren’t able to go to a dentist, due to financial circumstance, it makes you appreciate the fact that you can even go at all, which I guess changes the way I look at it. Dental costs aren’t just a problem in Australia, it effects lower socioeconomic families and individuals all over the world, but you’d think in one of the richest countries in the world, being able to see a dentist wouldn’t be something you have to look forward to when you can afford it, but something that is cheap and routine, as it should be.