TV: The Tonight Show Returns Home

After more than 40 years away from New York, The Tonight Show returned to its ancestral home of New York City last night.

Jimmy Fallon began his tenure as host of The Tonight Show, from the original studio where Tonight began in 1954. 

image: NBC

Fallon began by summing up how extraordinary it was to be in his position, and introduced his parents, who were in the audience, as they were on the night of his first Late Night show. He thanked the previous hosts of the franchise, while managing to get in a slight dig at Jay Leno at the same time.


This honesty and warmth is something not displayed on Leno’s Tonight Show, except for his rare outpouring of emotion on his final episode.¬†

The jokes were all there, and then it was on the desk, his new set looks bigger and more expansive than before, and unlike the grundy Late Night set, this one is very art deco and classy, befitting The Tonight Show, somewhat similar to what Conan O’Brien attempted to do in 2009.

image: NBC

U2 played on the Rockefeller Center roof, a great spectacle with the New York skyline and sunset in the background. Will Smith appeared and was entertaining as always, then U2 came out again and played at the desk.

The show wrapped up with a thank you to the New York State Governors office, which gives New York filmed shows some nice tax breaks. Another good reason to return home to New York.

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