Travel: Auckland, New Zealand

In December I was lucky enough to travel to Auckland, New Zealand for a week with my partner, and his mother. 

I really did not know what to expect, I never really thought about planning to travel there, although it isn’t something I was against. So I went with no expectations.

The day we arrived was sunny and fine, and after checking in, we walked down to the waterfront in downtown Auckland. It immediately reminded me of Sydney Harbour mixed with a little bit of San Francisco bay. It was lovely, and all the people down there seemed friendly, a tad different to Sydney.


Sky Tower Auckland, which towers over the entire city

The next day we ventured out around downtown, as well as to Piha Beach, to the west of Auckland. It wasn’t the nicest day, but it was still a stunning location, with sand the colour of ash. On the way back to the city we stopped by Elevation Cafe, who served the best hot chocolate and muffins I have had in a very long time.


Piha Beach

Our final full day in Auckland led us to another trip around downtown, as well as on the ferry across to Devonport, a quaint small town. Later on in the day we took a trip down to Orere Point, just past Whakakaiwhare Point, south east of Auckland. Along the way were stunning deep green hills, full of scattered bright white sheep. 


Orere Point Beach


Stunning countryside outside of Auckland

Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to spend any longer in New Zealand, but it is definitely a place I would love to visit again and see more of.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.