Travel: I Miss America

I spent three months (90 days exactly) in the U.S. over Christmas and into the new year. I spent the time staying with my partners family in Los Angeles, and meeting up with people I’ve spoken to for ages, but never met. It was a lot of fun, as well as being a tremendous learning experience on many different levels.

It made me realise that Australia isn’t perfect, I am capable of doing things  I didn’t think I could, and that stuff is usually smaller than you think it would be (Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is tiny).

I loved Los Angeles, it is fantastic, it’s always sunny – but not hot, the people are nice (the customer service is way beyond anything we are capable of in Australia) and living in a non-tourist area allowed me to see how different people, from different cultures operate.

I spent a few days in San Francisco, it was the highlight of my trip, I loved the city, it was very clean, modern and had the best weather – cool in the morning, transforming into sunny and warm in the afternoon. The bay is spectacular and I would love to go back anytime.


(I’m not usually that chubby – blame the food)

I miss America for those and more reasons, my partners family is all there, I have friends there, and I miss the culture, especially the lifestyle in Los Angeles, but most of all, the food – the food is awesome.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.