Marketing: Domino’s Gets Panned

This is the video that is making folks on social media go crazy. A much hyped week long teaser campaign has backfired, after promising a ‘game changing announcement’, it has been revealed that Domino’s Australia is just unveiling a new range of premium pizzas, with speculation it is in response to Crust, which offers more premium toppings. 

That’s always the problem with promising so much, and delivering something rather minor – certainly no game changer.

However the reaction, as you’d expect is ridiculous. Angry Twitter, YouTube and Facebook messages, all furious that they aren’t delivering something more. What do you really expect though? Every time one of these companies promises ‘something big’, most often than not, it’s just a rebadging, or evolution of an existing product.

Perhaps we expect too much?

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.