Things I Hate #1: Reactionary People

There is nothing worse to me, than someone who reads a news article about something – usually something they didn’t witness for themselves, and goes into hysterics about it.

The moral panic syndrome, it’s so annoying, and so pervasive, throughout Australia in particular, fuelled by the mind numbingly dumb mainstream media, who are too lazy to chase real news, and instead find it easier to get Joe Anybody to comment on a social issue, and pick out the outraged ones to air.

Politicians are especially good at this, as well as AM talkback shock jocks. Just look at the Mardi Gras police incident, the AM radio guys were falling over themselves to defend the police in that situation, and when evidence comes out that the guy involved had been a dick as well, they had a field day. On top of this, some morons made up a sign labelling all cops as bastards.

All results of people acting in a reactionary manner, all of which could have been avoided with cooler heads, and a media that didn’t feel the need to sensationalise every god damn thing.

The guy was a dick, the cops acted like thugs, but everyone on either side can’t see how the other acted wrongly.



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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.