Moving house and avoiding iPrimus at all costs

I recently moved house yet again, one of the things I dread most about moving is changing my contact details with countless organisations and switching Phone and Internet connections to the new address.

iPrimus - bad customer service
iPrimus - bad customer service

Everytime a company manages to completely screw it up, last time I moved I detailed iPrimus completely screwing up an ADSL service transfer and yet again they managed to disappoint. This time, it wasn’t ADSL but Telephony services. Thankfully I have since switched ISP’s after the last experience.

My mother had contacted iPrimus to transfer the service a week or so before we moved, but after getting into ‘heated words’ with the customer ‘service’ operator, she requested the transfer not go through and we contacted Internode, but due to technical reasons we switched to Telstra for home phone services.

Apparently her request with iPrimus however was totally ignored by the representative at iPrimus, and no record of her not wanting the order processed existed.

After all that, there was an issue with the previous tenant not disconnecting the phone line properly, which Telstra eventually sorted out.

All this took hours stretched over a week, on hold with all the companies above.

Then of course when the phone line had finally been connected, I had to organise an ADSL connection, so I called my ISP Internode, and about 24 hours it was connected. 24 hours! If you are looking for a ISP, I thoroughly recommend these folks, great prices, great customer service (only issue is long waiting cues for customer service on the phone) and very competent at what they do.

iPrimus on the other hand – avoid, avoid, avoid. They lost us as Internet and now Phone customers and are probably going to charge connection and disconnection fees for services we didn’t request, if anyone from there is reading this, as I know they did last time – It’d be nice if you didn’t.

They have been – easily, the worst company I have had the displeasure of ever dealing with – twice. Telstra came out smelling like roses, and that doesn’t happen very often.

Read about my last experience with iPrimus (31 March, 2008).

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