Time for an Australian Head of State?

Sorry to my loyal readership of two or three for the lack of proper blog posts, however I have been far too busy watching Susan Boyle video clips.

queen-elizabeth-iiAustralia is a Commonwealth, our head of state is the “Queen of Australia” aka Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth is a nice woman by all accounts, but does not live here. She does not represent us (adequately at least), we do not owe her anything, she does not owe us anything.

Our deal with her and the UK has been beneficial to us both, now its time to move on. Bob Brown, Greens Senator and my ideal Prime Minister has introduced a bill

Senator Brown has introduced legislation that would force a plebiscite asking Australians a “simple yes or no” question about whether they wanted a referendum on the republic issue.

Under the Greens’ proposal, the question about whether or not to hold a referendum would be put on the ballot paper at the next Federal election.

Why now you may ask…

Senator Brown said support for a republic had grown since Australia last voted on the issue 10 years ago.

“The most recent poll on whether Australians should be asked about whether or not they want a republic showed a two to one majority in favour of that opportunity being given,” he said.

The Greens leader described as “nonsense” the argument from the monarchists that a holding plebiscite was tantamount to living in 1930s Germany.

“Australians are a mature nation who can well vote on their own affairs,” he said.

“I think there should be more questioning opportunities for Australians in telling their politicians to do more, not less.”

Why not wait until the Economy picks up or Queen Elizabeth relinquishes the thrown?

“The idea that everything should stop while there is an economic recession has cobbles on it,” he said.

“We keep evolving and maturing as a society and we need to keep our view on the long-term good of the country as well as the short-term good.”

It was also unfair to say that a referendum should be deferred until Queen Elizabeth II died. “I don’t entertain that view at all,” he said.

I agree, it’s lame and nonsensical to argue that we should stop everything when things go south, especially on something as important as the identity of our Nation.

The time to have an Australian Head of State, one that lives in this Country and can more suitably represent us has come. The exact details on what kind of Republic we need are largely irrelevant until the public gets a chance to vote, then we can sort out the details. You’d think we would want to keep things simple, no need to fix something that ain’t necessarily broken with respects to Governance. A figure head like our Governor General may be all that’s required.

What I do know, is to be taken seriously we probably need to become 100% Australian, not 99.99%. It’s not good enough.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

3 thoughts on “Time for an Australian Head of State?”

  1. Mike,
    I am in support of a republic. However, I am opposed to the way we are going about it. If we go down Bob Browns path and just say Yes. What form of republic do we get? The form the governmnet of the day wants?

    Do we need a head of state at all ? We already have a PM who is up for election or re-election every three years. Why do we need a seperate head of state? While we are at it, why do we need state govenors?

    To just ask the people, do you want a republic is too bland. Before we commit ourselves we need more detail.

  2. In my scenario the President would be just like the Governor General. Probably elected at the same time as the Prime Minister and role is mostly ceremonial just like the GG.

    Not too complicated you’d think…

  3. G’day Mike,
    You’re right, it’s “not to complicated”. But why do we need a
    Governor General?
    What are you’re views on my other questions?

    Surely if we are going to change the system, we should try to
    get it right?

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