Now the dust has settled

This post does not really have a theme, just some random observations and opinions.

Now the post election glow has dimmed as the harsh realities sink in, this blog will probably reduce the amount of political content. I hope Pre-Elect Obama can offer some fresh ideas about the horrible state of the world economy right now, I know nothing about Financial markets so it isn’t something I will be writing about any time soon.

It is approaching Christmas and 2009 at a scary pace. Every year you get older the years seem to pass even faster, it makes you regret the times as a child when you couldn’t wait to be a grown up.

I like and loathe Christmas. I like the idea of seeing the extended family again, I like the idea of sharing gifts but I don’t like that Christmas promotions start the day after Easter… or at least it seems that way. Every year they try and squeeze more cash out of consumers by extending the Holiday gift giving season. I also don’t like that it occurs in Summer here.

On the subject of Summer, it’s going to be a scorcher again, thank god I don’t live up north. Humidity is not a friend. One good thing about Summer is daylight savings, well it is for the states living in the 21st Century. The states scared of changing their clocks for whatever reason (witches?) are missing out.

Telstra wants to implement the new National Broadband network. I hope the Government will accept Optus’ offer instead. The one thing we don’t need is more Internet control from Telstra, they are partly the reason we are so far behind. I will have more to say about Internet in Australia on the next episode of The Ploy.

Finally, did the site load slightly faster for you? Is it actually online instead of offline? There is a reason for that. We moved places with the help of the ecreant Ben May. Hopefully this will end the recent spate of crashes.

Now it is Thanksgiving soon in the States so if you live there, have a nice one. If not, Christmas isn’t too far away, in fact it’s creeping up as we speak.

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Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.