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  1. I believe Olberman is wrong. Marriage is not about love, two people can be in love without being married. I an also not against same sex partnerships. But to the best of my knowledge all races, religions and creeds recognise marriage as being between a man and a woman. Since the dawn of time I am unaware of any civlisation endorsing same sex marriages. I believe in the freedom of the individual, so live together with my blessing, have a legaly recognised contract, chose another word. But I am opposed to the use of the word marriage for same sex couples.

  2. I don’t get how any two men or women getting married hurts marriage or any other married couples.

    Marriage isn’t just a religious institution, it’s a legally recognised one and as long as churches aren’t forced to marry same sex couples I don’t see an issue.

  3. Mike,

    Tell us what does the term marriage mean? You go on to say “I
    don’t get how any two men or women getting married hurts marriage or any other married couples”? For your answer I suggest you talk to as many married couples as possible.
    Please read my post again and think on it.

  4. I read your post and with all due respect I disagree. A gay couple marrying has absolutely NO effect on anyone elses marriage.

    Just as me marrying a woman I did not like – would have no effect on anyone else.

    To be honest, I’m not religious – never have and never will be. I understand religions reluctance to accept the gay community no matter how contrived and un-christian it might be. However my parents were married at a registrar office and never entered a church – so it was not a ‘religious’ event.

    So why can’t gays do that too? No religion anywhere there.

    I know my parents – a married couple for almost 20 years have no problem with it – as they say it has no effect on their marriage.

  5. Mike,

    I admit to being at a loss! At no time have I made a point regarding religion. Based on our posts, you are the one who appears to have a religious hangup. How can you say “a gay couple marrying has absoluttely NO effect on any one elses marriage”? Have you asked them? You still haven’t defined marriage for me!

  6. Have I asked who? I should ask every married person to define my own judgment? Does anyone ordering a different meal to me effect my meal? No. I don’t need to poll everyone to come up with my own reasoning.

    Furthermore can you prove to me it will effect anyone elses marriage?

    Why do I need to define marriage for you? You are obviously trying to go back “a man and a woman” argument which I don’t agree with. Marriage to me is fluid and based on the time it occurs in.

    Obviously we have two different opinions and won’t be changing each others minds so it’s probably best to leave it there for now.

  7. I think Olberman is right. Simply because someone doesn’t believe in something such as Gay Marriage, why should they ban it.

    Since some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, let us ban Children enjoying Christmas.

    Jonangle for you to think that 2 men or 2 women marrying each other affects those who have married someone of a different sex, that is very narrow minded.

    Have you asked any married couples? Does this perhaps put you out of your comfort zone? What’s your definition of Marriage?

    The state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce);

    As said, “traditional” marriages are only 50% likely to not end in divorce, so why not let those who choose to get married to someone of the same sex have a go at it.

    If any two people feel enough about each other a certain way, what real difference does it make that they have a piece of paper to prove they were married. None? So why not grant them the same rights as any other couple.

  8. G’day Ben,
    It’s good to see you getting into the fray. Now to your questions;
    Marriage – Legal union of a man and women.
    Why do I think it impacts on other people; Just read the papers,
    listen to the radio, watch TV, the evidence is there Ben.
    As to divorce; I fail to see the relevance, please explaine?
    As to your last point, I agree, so why do they want the ‘piece of paper to prove they are married”?

    Have a good day Ben.

  9. Hi Jonangle, it seems you’re doing what you normally do, reply to a post with something that doesn’t relate to the former questions.

    Why should I read the papers and listen to the radio to decide whether or not I think a gay marriage would put off those who are married traditionally.

    Legally, a Marriage = A Piece of paper that comes from the government, and as far as a government is concerned, its an official joining of person A and person B, the sex should not be an issue.

    It’s because the government are adding in a bit of religion (as Mike mentioned previously) which is creating the controversy. It is the Religious nut jobs who are still wishing we all lived in the days of Jesus, who think that there is some difference between gay and and straight marriage.

    You’re contradicting yourself on that last statement, Yes, it is JUST a piece of paper, so then why don’t people who are gay have the right to this piece of paper (which to the religious people probably means nothing anyway)

  10. Ben,

    All my answers relate to your questions, marriage as defined is not about A and B. Check for yorself.
    Both you and Mike have questioned how it impacts on others, as I have pointed out, all you have to do is read, watch and listen.
    I note you haven’t responded to the divorce bit!
    As to your last point, I just quoted you!!!

  11. This isn’t going anywhere.

    I like debate, but respectful debate – and if you cannot debate without being patrionising (read or listen to more, etc…) then I think it’s best to shut it off for now.

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