Sometimes your faith is vindicated, this is one of those situations. The election of President-Elect Barack Obama reaffirms your faith in Americans that when something is so broken and requires massive change, they have the guts to do it.

It’s a moment we will remember, you can try and brush it aside. However those who fought and died in Selma or the preachers and activists who fought to be recognised as Americans and for their children to go to the same schools as white children – to those people and their ancestors, and all African Americans this is a time where as Whoopi Goldberg said “A day where I felt like I could put my suitcase down”. A day when the “American” in “African American” really means something.

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President-Elect Barack Obama and his family

Not to forget the fight of Martin Luther King Jr. was not that long ago historically speaking. To move so far in what arguable is a short period of time is astounding. In Australia we only JUST apologised to The Stolen Generation, I await the day Australia can elect an Aboriginal for Prime Minister. I unfortunately think that is a long way off, we have not even addressed the inhumane ways we treat them still to this day. American has grown up – I hope we can too.

America has been known as the shining beacon of freedom, in the last 8 years that has been tarnished but as proven by yesterdays result – not extinguished. The proof that America has not given up it’s ideals, its hope and it’s humanity is proven by its will to move on and write a new page for America and the rest of the free world.

No matter your political affiliation you must realise this is something that had to happen, it had to be achieved – not just the racial aspect but the change of leadership. The change to a new leader who can instill spirit and resolve in America and the World. A leader who can make Americans so energised to break voting records and to elect someone who 50 years ago could not go to the same drinking fountain as a white man.

As a President, we will have to wait to see how good of a job he will do, and judge him just like we would any President of any race, sex or party affiliation. That fair judgment is something we owe to African Americans, to do what Dr. King and others fought for, to be judged on the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. I am pleased Americans have seen the light and elected Barack Obama. Sad to say though, he will not be able to achieve his full potential, reason, the state of America’s finances.
    What we will witness, is the death of capitalism as we knew it. What will take it’s place? Based on current government actions, a form of community financed capitalism. Won’t that be fun, the people will own it, but won’t have any say in how it is run.

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