A Word about Tony Snow

The following is text I originally wrote for The Ploy, I don’t think it reads very good as text but I think it sounds quite good as audio.

The rudeness and shear inhumanity of human beings is never more present and clearer straight after the death of somebody. Tony Snow, former press secretary to President Bush and a former host on FOX News Channel died two weeks ago after a long courageous battle with cancer.

His views differ significantly from mine, but beyond politics, beyond the roles he played in media. He was a human being battling one of our worst enemies as a people, cancer. He was always positive, upbeat and always made a point of putting his family before his jobs and beyond his own health. His last 12 months were spent making sure his family had adequate funds to function after his passing.

He left a job he loved as Press Secretary to work in the private sector to do just that, he was a decent human being by all accounts. But as unfortunately what happens far too often, immediately following his death there were attacks at his character, at his former jobs and of his legacy.

The kind of human being who gets cheap thrills by disparaging someone who was brave, honorable and decent, but because of their political views should be disrespected by those who disagree; those people are the people who should be suffering.

Not Tony’s family, not his friends and not the rest of us for having to put up with their sick perspectives.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.