To blog or not to blog…

Should I blog?As you may have noticed if you frequent the site, I have not posted much lately, although I have been a little more busy than usual it’s not got to do with that. April 7th is the last time I did a regular post and even that was a follow up.

The reason for the lack of new material is I have none. As someone who enjoys writing, blogging and broadcasting it is the worst thing to happen, however there is nothing that sparks my interest lately enough to write about. The U.S. elections feel like they have been stuck in the same position for months, nothing new there. Locally, there isn’t much to talk about. Personally – zilch interesting. So I am stuck in a position writing about how I don’t have anything to write about. Which usually is an excruciating thing to read, but I feel I have to put something new on the blog, and at least this is original and something I put (meagre) effort into.

The problem with a blog is it needs to be updated regularly, unlike a normal website which could not be updated for extended periods of time and no one would bat an eyelid. However because a blog has a sense of immediacy and with functions such as RSS, people get content straight away and can comment on it as soon as it’s posted.

So I am stuck in a position of having nothing worthwhile to post about, so I either do the lazy thing (which I have done quite a bit of) and just post videos or articles. Or I leave the blog collecting dust. Neither prospect seems beneficial to the site. So I decided I had to do something and at least explain the delay of new material.

So there we go, now I just hope there is something I can feel empowered to write about soon. Otherwise – stand by for 20 posts about how there isn’t anything to post about. It’s going to be exciting.

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