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Update on the Primus situation

primuslogo.gifOur investigation has found that our wholesale provisioning carrier had difficulties closing the telephony part of your relocation order, consequently delaying the DSL component. We’ve worked to rectify the issue and confirmed everything is fully functional.

To compensate you for the inconvenience of a delayed DSL service we’d like to offer one month’s free internet ($49.95) as way of an apology and assurance that we value you, our customer.

Also whilst investigating your account, we found that the bundle discount hadn’t been applied correctly meaning you were charged at the unbundled DSL rate ($59.95). The bundle plan has been corrected and we’ve applied a further credit of $70 to your account to cover the excess since starting the plan.

– Email from Customer Service.

I’d convey my gratitude to Primus for following this situation up with me and rectifying it, however it should not take a public blog post to make them take action. If Primus did value their customers the original situation would not of happened and if the plan we are currently on with them was not the best around (that I can find) we would no longer be their “valued” customer.

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