A “moving” experience

primuslogo.gifOn Tuesday 11th of March I moved homes 2 or 3 streets away from my old property. You’d think such a short move would mean no problems in the process of moving. You’d be wrong.The week before we moved we contacted the normal companies to notify them of the move; gas, water, electricity. satellite television, internet, phone etc. The one company with a rotten reputation when it comes to customer service is our satellite television provider Foxtel. They are known for having scrappy customer service and late or even absent installers. In under a week from our phone call an installer came and installed two IQ boxes which are quite complicated to install (due to the required installtion of two phone outlets for the boxes and a two way cable system) and a new satellite dish.

A courteous operator and installer later we had satellite on, all in under a week! However DSL internet was a totally different story. Our ISP and Phone Company is Primus (operates as iPrimus for the DSL). A large Telephony company in Australia.

We called the same time as we did the other companies, we were told the day we moved in (the Friday) the phone would be on. Well it wasn’t – not until the following Tuesday due to the Labour Day holiday. We then were told the internet would take 5 working days, so instead of being from the Friday it was starting from that Tuesday. 5 days later – no net. We called, after waiting on hold we got onto a foreign operator who for the life of us we could not understand a word she said. She attempted to assist us and told us it would be delayed.

More calls preceded this original call, including ones involving rude operators, ones you cannot understand and ones with no idea. We continued to try and get the problems resolved and it came to ahead a few weeks later when we finally got a answer “The phone line is not yours”. Apparently according to them the previous tenant had not yet disconnected the line and the Exchange could not transfer the DSL until we “owned” the line (despite our phone number being the one working at the property – figure that one out). So we had to wait until the 25th of March – that’s right three weeks after we were supposed to get DSL connected.

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So came and went the 25th, we called iPrimus they said there was a hold on that line at the exchange and the request had not yet gone through… meaning another 5 working days wait! We had enough, 13 phone calls later we were done with it. We called once more to complain about the treatment and the fact we were required to pay $100 relocation fee for the DSL despite this pathetic treatment.

We finally got through to an Australian (!) operator who finally admitted their mistakes and declared to waive the relocation fee and got the transfer put through in 3 working days instead of 5.

On the 31st of March 2008 the internet was turned on, almost 4 weeks later but one day earlier than the 3 working days promised in that last phone call. That would be somewhat of a reprieve if we had not received a bill of $150. $54 of that was for DSL which has not been turned on throughout that billing cycle.

Thank you Primus.

(p.s. this is no April Fools Joke)

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.