Still a Global Warming denier?

image.jpgIt’s hard to believe that some people still deny Global Warming exists or think that humans have little to no impact on it. Well even though science has spoken and scientists funded by big oil and business try to become ‘the other side of the debate’ when it does not exist, most people now know we are directly affecting the fate of the planet. It isn’t about politics and its shameful when people make it about it. It’s about humanity and how comfortable we can live on this earth without being directly effected by heat, storms, rising seas and even more storms and unpredictable weather patterns. Unpredictable weather and rising sea levels are two key warning signs of global warming – let’s just hope we don’t leave it too late to save low lying islands and towns.

To those of you who are still stuck in the dark ages of being a Global Warming denier read these rebuttals to Myths, deniers want to put out in the public dialogue about Global Warming to confuse and intimidate. I am sure I will recieve a comment and or email about this post from those deniers lambasting me for posting about Global Warming as they nearly always do – the only place they wish to hear about Global Warming is from a hack speaking on behalf of big interests. Nobody else.

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6 thoughts on “Still a Global Warming denier?”

  1. I tell you that global warming!!!! I’ve had to have my car heater on over 5 times now, in the Middle of Summer!! it’s getting warm alright

  2. As a physicist I have as yet not found a single peer reviewed article that “proves” GW . It is all theoretical based loosely on mathematical modeling which is a horrible basis for any conclusions. Annectdotaly there are some minor issues but nothing that “proves” that human interaction is at all responsible. That’s the reality of the science so far.

  3. In response to Larry, Jan 10, 2008 @ 5:15pm.
    Global warming might be a mute point, however, there is no denying we are degrading the environment. Useing resources that are finite and destroying the food chain. Don’t worry about wheather we will all cook, rather will we have enough to eat?

  4. Larry,
    If your are yet to find a single peer reviewed article linking anthropogenic factors with Global Warming, you must be blind. EVERY major international scientific organisation accepts that anthropogenic factors play a major role in global warming. Tell me this, how do you account for the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide? Do you understand the CHEMISTRY involved with high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide? Let me tell you:
    Gases in the troposphere, such as carbon dioxide, abosrb some of the reflected infrared radiation before it can reach space and radiate some of it back toward earth as heat.
    This process is known as the greenhouse effect.
    Tell me this Larry, when you run your car, where does the carbon dioxide produced go? What about the carbon dioxide produced when coal is burnt for power?
    Sorry Larry, dont tell me that there is no proof of global warming. I dont know where you get you information from but it is not accurate. I heard a statistic saying that of the 800 most recent PEER REVIEWED studies on the subject, only 9 dissented that human activity plays a major role in global warming. You do the math.

  5. One more thing Larry, do you confuse climate with weather. Climate is highly predictable, weather is not. The WORLDS climate does not typically fluctuate very much. We dont wake up thinking: “I wonder if we will have an ice age today?”. Honestly Larry, where did you get your degree from?

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