Tired Thompson may drop out and back McCain

Fred Thompson the most right leaning and the candidate who appeared to look like he was on the verge of falling asleep the entire campaign may be about to back out the race if he does poorly in the caucus. Let’s hope so anyway, America doesn’t need another Neocon! John McCain out of all the Republicans is the one man I could stand as President.

080102_thompsonmccain.jpgDES MOINES, Iowa – Several Republican officials close to Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign said they expect the candidate will drop out of the race within days if he finishes poorly in Thursday’s Iowa caucus. Thompson’s campaign, which last spring and summer was generating fevered anticipation in the media and with some Republican activists, has never ignited nationally, and there are no signs of a late spark happening here in Iowa, where even a third-place finish is far from assured.

This reality—combined with a fundraising drought—left well-connected friends and advisers of Thompson Wednesday evening predicting that he will pull the plug on hype and hope before the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary. Thompson’s departure could shake up the race more than his continued presence. Friends and advisers said they have long considered it likely that if the lobbyist-actor is forced from the race he would endorse John McCain his former Senate colleague who lately has been staging a political revival in New Hampshire. “Without a solid third-place finish, there’s no point in going on,” a Thompson adviser said Wednesday. “It was an honorable race, and he turned out to be a good candidate. The moment had just passed.”

Paul Tevis must be upset after publicy backing him!

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  1. You may be saddened to know he isn’t dropping out.

    All his latest speeches have been upbeat. Thompson has been a consistent Conservative, that’s why I like him. He’s not a phony or someone who recently came up with his conservative views. Should I be supporting a phony? Thompson and Ron Paul seem like the most honest and upfront Republican nominees.

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