5 thoughts on “Olbermann: Pathological liar or idiot-in-chief?”

  1. Olbermann is a hack just like any other political party pundit. He’s also a coward who will rarely put the other side’s viewpoint on his show. He’s scared for someone to challenge him. At least O’Reilly will put the other side on his show and have a debate of some sort, and the other side even makes O’Reilly look like a fool in many cases. Olbermann won’t do that, he’ll probably piss his pants if someone challenged him. He’s a sports caster pretending to be a news caster. His show is low rated because he’s a scared-hack.

  2. “I don’t have any reason to question what the [intelligence] community has produced,” he said. “Now, there are things they don’t know. There’s always the possibility that circumstances will change. But I think they’ve done the best job they can with the intelligence that’s available.”

    Who said that? Vice President Cheney.

    Olbermann must have somehow missed that. What a surprise, I’m shocked. Why should I care though? His show is low rated and NBC’s attempts to make him the O’Reilly of NBC will continue to fail. What can you do though? Things like this will happen when you put a sports caster into such a “high” position in a news network.

    Someone should also fill Olbermann in on a huge secret. Iran says they stopped their weapons program 3 years go. That means they had a weapons program and now they can continue it because when we say Iran is a danger or something, we’ll be discounted.

  3. Actually I got the quote from Cheney from Politico’s interview with him. The point about him being a sportscaster pretending to be a newscaster comes from John Gibson. Lastly the point I made about Iran stopping the weapons program came from myself.

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