The writing is on the… pages?

Do you still recieve those large ghastly White and Yellow Pages directories and don’t want them anymore? Well you don’t have to recieve them, not only are they not much use with the internet versions of the White and Yellow pages, mobile/cell phones and directory assistance, there is still a bit of a carbon footprint associated with the freight and printing involved in producing the products. So if you don’t wish to get the dust collectors in the mail see below for the opt out details.

Can you make do without the print version of the Yellow/White Pages etc? If so, take advantage of Sensis’ phone directory opt out service and help them to reduce their footprint. Print Directory Opt-Out You can choose not to receive specific Sensis directory print products by calling 1800 810 211. You can access Sensis directory information a lot more efficiently via: Yellow PagesĀ® OnLine or White PagesĀ® OnLine or Call Connect on 12456 and 1234 over the phone or direct to your mobile. As of June 2007, only about 450 households had opted out of recieving the phone directory.

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  1. Nice idea. I wish my local phone company here in the US would do the same thing. I use Google whenever I need a number

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