You Decide 07: Why it’s time to change

Tomorrow is the day when Australia needs to make a tough decision. Stick with the same Government that got us in Iraq, started AWA’s without consulting the public before the last election along with various other erroneous decisions. Kevin Rudd may not be everyone’s cup of tea, to tell you the truth he is not my ultimate choice but it’s time we had new vision. It’s time for a more progressive and positive government. One that will remove us from Iraq, remove AWA’s, Fix our hospitals, fix our broadband problems, ratify Kyoto and be on the front foot against climate change and start providing new initiatives in Education.

Do I think he will accomplish everything he laid out? No. Will Howard either? No. That’s the way it goes though and so far all Howard and his cronies have been able to do is dwell on the last 11 years and attempting to freak out the public about the awful unions and how Rudd is going to be taking orders from them. The whole “heading the right direction” spiel is utter nonsense. If Rudd gets in will things change? Yes, but will the sky fall in? Absolutely not – look at the policies some are quite similar to the Governments, some of course are not. So if some polices are similar how will so much bad change happen as Howard warns of?

I think that Australia is ready, finally for some fresh new ideas and some new faces. Whether or not Australia will realise this is what we find out tomorrow.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

5 thoughts on “You Decide 07: Why it’s time to change”

  1. Sad day today. Australia elects far left politician.

    Two major issues you Aussies voted on: Iraq and Global Warming. First off, Australia’s presence in Iraq is very small, next to nothing compared to what the U.S. has. So no big deal there, although it is sad to see you guys leave. Second, the Kyoto Protocol, as if signing it and following it is going to stop the earth from warming. Anyone who believes signing the protocol will stop global warming is a fool. Men can’t stop it. If you’re worried about pollution, maybe someone should worry about China and India, they pollute far more than any other country.

    Just thought I’d give my thoughts on Australia!

  2. He is actually economically conservative and fairly moderate. Things are alot different here than over there. Thankfully here far right are a very small but vocal group.

  3. Sorry to inform you Paul, but Australia is largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions on a per capita basis, although our population is small we have very inefficient industrial methods. Also, Australia’s presence in Iraq is proportional to our population and the size of our army. If you are implying that we should have even one tenth the number of troops that the US has in Iraq then you are sadly misguided. Lastly, it is widely agreed upon in the scientific community that human activities, known as anthropogenic factors, have impacted upon carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, which may have led to global warming. I think you need to get your facts straight before commenting on issues in Australia that you clearly have no grasp of.

  4. I hear you guys aren’t signing the Kyoto Protocol now, your PM found out the damaging effects it would do to your economy.

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