The Age of The Herald Sun?

herald_sun_front_page_12-12-2005.jpgI have been a long time reader of The Herald Sun, mostly by routine as that is what my parents bought. However lately I have been purchasing The Age to see the difference, moving past the biggest change of size from tabloid to broadsheet it really is a step-up. More political news, less sports (thank god), more business and more progressive columnists (a nice change from Andrew Bolt) has made me now a regular reader. As I write this The Age sits on my desk underneath a remote control ready for me to sit down and read it for the day. The Green Guide is also a nice addition every Thursday, which today happens to be a Thursday.

The biggest downside however is what I touched down earlier, sometimes in the car I like to have a peek at the newspaper coming home and with The Herald Sun being tabloid it was always easy to handle, however The Age like I said is a broadsheet making it harder to handle. The front and back pages are easy enough to read by folding the paper up however trying to read the rest of the paper is quite a challenge. So the question comes down to this; is the size downside effecting the circulation of the paper? The Herald Sun is the most read newspaper in Australia and The Age doesen’t do too badly but is heavily outsold by The Herald. If The Age was tabloid (or compact as some like to call it) would it have higher circulation and more readership? I would think it has at least something to do with it.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.