Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan and another shot in Iraq

Please pay attention to this Australia, following American governments to a pointless war in Iraq and in any situation blindly following any country is a dangerous thing to do. Vote for the person who will take our troops out of Iraq and away from this pointless and violent danger. It’s not worth risking our soldiers for a cause we can’t win and a cause with no end in sight.

AN Australian soldier is in a serous condition after being shot while on patrol in southern Iraq. The soldier with the Overwatch Battle Group was carrying out a routine patrol in Dhi Qar province when the incident occurred about midnight Iraq time (about 7am Australian time). The shooting happened about 60km from Camp Terendak, the Australian base, Defence spokesman Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said.

The soldier was in a serious condition but the single wound was not considered life-threatening, Brig. Niikoloc said. The soldier’s colleagues gave him first aid before he was taken by US helicopter to a hospital at nearby Tallil. “The soldier is conscious and has spoken highly of the conduct of his colleagues in responding to the incident,” Brig. Nikolic said. “The incident highlights that Iraq remains a dangerous place. Anti-Iraqi forces see the Coalition’s contribution to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq as a threat to their attempt to gain control in Iraq.”

The name of the wounded soldier would not be released but his family would be told. Prime Minister John Howard was told of the incident while attending the funeral today of Trooper David Pearce, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan last week. “It’s just a reminder that these men and women are at daily risk. It brings home to all of us, particularly today as we have honoured the contribution of a wonderful soldier in Afghanistan, it’s tremendously important that we all honour these men and women who are serving our country in such dangerous circumstances,” Mr Howard said.

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