icaught-logo-2.gifThe Nine Network in Australia has began to air the ABC News America series “i-CAUGHT” (instead of the more obvious “iCaught”) . Going just by the name you know this will be cringe worthy, if ABC News think they are aiming at the youth by grabbing online videos and airing them with “backstories” they should think again.

First up the anchor Chris Cuomo stands in front of a white background waving his hands about acting as if he is controlling the show via graphics, which shows you exactly the deph this show has. Secondly the show which is supposed to be about new media isn’t even in widescreen – yet alone High Definition, not in Australia at least. It is subtitled though which should suit the demographic it will get. Young people which this show is apprently directed at will have already seen the videos, and seriously who is interested in learning more about the woman falling out a barrel of grapes? I don’t, that’s for sure.

It is increasingly prevalent that old media wants to cash in to new media, if i-CAUGHT is any example of this we should start worrying right now.

Update (11/9): Only 600,000 viewers watched the show, so Nine has pulled it! Thank goodness there are some disconcerting viewers out there!

Update (12/9): Now Nine has done a backflip and will playing it again next week! Make up your minds people.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.