The look-alike Race?

skynews_image_20070529213921.jpgEver notice Kevin Rudd and John Howard look suspiciously alike? Notice that some of Rudd’s platforms are also similar to Howard? I am all for Rudd winning and attempting to get the country back on track, but is the only way for Labour to get back into office to mirror Howard in many ways except Industrial Relations?

I have heard too many times Rudd agreeing with Howard’s ideas and platforms, by either endorsing Howard’s moves or attempting to build upon them (such as the recent Health Care Reform plan). Rudd would probably make a decent PM and I am sure he and Julia Gillard would make a good team. It would have to be better than Howard and Costello who appear to be in a game of The Three Stooges, twice in the past 12 months it has been revealed Costello has been trying to push Howard out. Along with Howard bumbling along this e
lection campaign, really struggling to get a hold on the sinking ship that is the Liberal Party. The corker being Howard’s fall when attempting to enter a radio station last month.

The Liberals are out of power in every state and it appears may not be able to hold onto the Commonwealth any longer, fingers crossed.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

2 thoughts on “The look-alike Race?”

  1. Get a grip! If you really think the Pm of the country can be decided on such a simple fact then you need to think again

    That’s a very narrow minded view

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