Whether the Weather will improve…

weatherstreet.jpgI have not been posting much of late, not so much due to being busy but more to do with not having much to post about. I have also been dealing with a very bad cold for a couple of weeks. The weather is not pleasant, for the first time in years it has rained for weeks on end. Only a couple of days have not had rain for about 3 weeks, its very weird after coping with a drought with 10 years. I have attached a photo to this post (click to enlarge) showing the view from the house over Corio Bay after a bit of rain. 4 Months ago the grass was near death and totally sun burnt.

It is bitterly cold, at time of writing it is just after 3.30pm and 10°c (50°F) which is quite warm compared to the 6°c-9°c we have had lately. Along with the cold, thee is the rain and the ice cold wind which pierces your ears. After coming from a very hot summer into this, you really notice it. My perfect weather would be 17°c (57°F) cool and sunny, you have a average temperature along with the warm sun making it perfect in my opinion.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.