Kath and Kim on the move…

Kath & Kim with commercials is a foreign concept one would think but it will be interesting if the show itself will be much different on a commercial network. I’m glad it went to Seven, the other competitor was Ten and we know the track record of Good News Week when it left ABC to go to Ten. Not to mention Gina Riley and Jane Turner have a long history with Seven. My only question now is when will reruns go to Pay-TV?

KATH & Kim are moving to commercial TV after selling their new series to Channel 7 for $3 million. The deal ends months of rival networks battling to woo the Fountain Lakes “foxy morons” from the ABC. Seven was not the highest bidder, but was chosen because the comedy duo wanted the biggest viewing audience. The series, to be screened later this year, will see the suburban divas take a holiday to warmer climes and search for a school for Kim’s “gifted” toddler Epony Rae.

Kath and Kim said they were looking forward to returning to Seven because it had the best canteen food. “Seven promised us we’re going to be in the stable and Kim belongs in a stable,” Kath said. “We did our share of schmoozing: entertaining CEOs with cardonnay and nibbles. “I think when we got Kerry Stokes in the spa at the Buckingham and he was legless, literally, that was the clincher.

“They’re paying us literally hundreds of dollars per episode. (The ABC) could only afford $10.” Seven will broadcast at least eight episodes of the hit comedy, and a possible further series later.

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