This is whats wrong with America

This is just disgusting, I don’t usually put politics on this blog but this made me very mad that this guy can have so much influence over American’s. No wonder FOX News viewers were the most serially misinformed during the lead up to the Iraq War. It also outrages me not just how he can lie straight to the listeners but tell a reporter telling the truth to shut up and cut her microphone. Play the clip below to hear the audio.


On Wednesday’s Radio Factor, Bill O’Reilly lost his mind when co-host and fellow FOX Newser Lis Wiehl accurately cited Fred Fielding’s letter (.pdf) to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning the Karl Rove and Harriet Miers “reasonable proposal”. The best part comes when Bill cuts her mic and accuses her of “misle[ading] my audience, who comes here for the truth,” only to then go on and mislead his own audience.

Clip and information thanks to Crooks and Liars.

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