ALP’s Broadband plans

About time we had some action broadband wise. When we have a government who thinks 256kb/s is a fast connection you know you have problems.

Today, Federal Labor has taken an historic decision to build a world class national broadband network. We believe this is a critical step when it comes to Australia’s long-term economic future. We’re proposing to invest up to $4.7 billion in this proposal in a partnership with the private sector for it to be constructed over a five year period which will deliver for 98 per cent of Australians, a broadband service which is up to 40 times faster than they currently enjoy.We regard this as an important part of nation building for the future.

Nation building in the 19th century was about building a new national railway network for Australia. Nation building for the 21st century lies in building a new national broadband network. It’s part of our pathway to the future. Why is this necessary? When you look at Australia in the international comparative data – we have a problem on our hands.

We currently have the 17th broadband take-up rate when measured across the OECD, that’s the 17th fastest (Source: We also, when it come to the measurement of world broadband bandwidth, we are currently lying something like 25th in the world. Against those measures we have a problem in terms of our international economic competitiveness and any analysis who has looked at this over a period of time will look at that data and say that unless it’s fixed, we are going to face a real problem in term of long-term productivity growth

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Mike Beckham

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