I am not one to usually watch many movies. In fact until this January I could not remember the last movie I saw, however I have been getting into them more lately including finally getting round to seeing “Borat”. The much hyped movie of 2006, and after watching “Da Ali G” show a few years ago as well as the follow up series I was quite accustomed to Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters, however I was very impressed at the movie. Even after all the press, it lived up to the hype. This is the only movie I can remember that I had to pause for fear of passing out of laughter. By far the funniest scene being the naked wrestling, truly hilarious. I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. If you have not seen Borat yet, you must run out and grab yourself a copy. It’s absolutely hilarious.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. I didn’t think I would like the film but the scene you’re talking about… still burnt in my memory.

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