Court TV to be rebranded

I have always been a little interested in CourtTV and wish we had a version here (we do have Crime and Investigation Network though).

Less than a year after Turner Broadcasting took full ownership of Court TV, it’s making some huge changes.The company said this morning that it will ditch the 16-year-old network’s name and rebrand it as a reality-focused channel aimed at young men. The changes were announced at a pre-upfront event this morning in New York.

The rebrand will not happen until January 2008, and Turner has not yet decided on a new name for Court TV. In explaining the logic of the change, it cited network research that found its audience was most interested in action-oriented real-life programming.

Court TV will discontinue the wall-to-wall coverage of trials of celebrities like Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson that came to define it, moving most of its trial coverage to the web and between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on television.

Instead, the network will focus on telling real-life stories, many of them crime related, such as an upcoming show about con men, another about police interrogation and a third about security experts.

Talk shows hosted by Star Jones Reynolds and Nancy Grace, legal experts better known for their personalities than their law background, will host weekday current event chat programs, cutting down on trial time.

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