Vanstone pens new song

Amanda Vanstone (see below) a Liberal Part Senator in Australia has written a new song she wants to an unofficial anthem for Australia. We have a couple of unofficial songs we use at events like “True Blue“, “We are Australian” and “Waltzing Matilda“. Our Official National anthem is “Advance Australia Fair“.

From Wikipedia: Amanda Eloise Vanstone (born 7 December 1952) is an Australian senator, and the former Immigration Minister and Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

Here are the lyrics to her song:

Home to first Australians,
Joined from near and far,
Shining light for freedom,
Under Southern Stars.

Nation made of many,
Bound in hope as one,
Building for the future,
Under Southern Sun.

Free and Friendly Nation,
Born of our own hand,
Peace our greatest virtue,
Mighty Southern Land.

Valiant into Battle,
Courage to the end,
Standing firm for freedom,
Loyal southern friend.

Nature’s earthly heaven,
Glory for our eyes,
Ours alone those treasures,
Under Southern Skies.

Shining light for Freedom

Under Southern Stars.

Published by

Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.