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I rarely get excited about a new site or improvements on an old one, but this change has converted me within two minutes. formerly AskJeeves is the web search engine from IAC Search & Media.

So I was trolling digg as I usually do and came across a link that has a new beta out. Having seen how crappy was before I thought anything must be an improvement, so I checked it out. I must say it is brilliant! Do a websearch for a town and on the sidebar you get the weather and time as well as facts and search results. Does Google do this? No!

Some people may claim it would cause allot of clutter, well Ask has done it so it doesn’t. The layout flows and all it’s functions, which it has allot of includes inbuilt Wikipedia functionality. Sometimes I do a Google search wanting Wikipedia results and cannot be bothered changing the search engine in Firefox, so this is great for me.

This upgrade is better than expected and even with the front page having a less than desirable gradient, the search results are on the white background so it is only the home page which has it. Not much of a problem really and it is a beta so you bet they will probably change it after hearing feedback.

I would suggest giving it a go, take a look at, it is the betas site and after you visit it when you go to it will be the new beta style from now on. You could also just use which also works.

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