Well I find myself not posting to my blog as much as I used to. This time of the year is busier than usual with plans for Christmas and just a more rushed time in the family. Also things at Negative Penguin Media are changing considerately. I am not going to go into details but saying a massive shakeup has happened is a under statement. Fortunately what we have from 2007 is a much better arrangement for all involved in my opinion.

Bushfires have engulfed my state lately due to the drought and awfully hot weather of late. The whole of the state has been under smoke the last few weeks on and off. It smells and it is hard to see very far. It has caused family and friends much concern for those with athsma and breathing difficulties.

I will most likely post a quick note just before Christmas but if I don’t have a good holiday whatever you celebrate and stay safe.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.