Positive changes at the Penguin

As some of you will know I co-founded a media network called Negative Penguin Media in late 2005 / early 2006 and since then we have hit some major speed bumps including not launching until half way through this year due to website delays and even now we are in no way happy with the current state of the website. Not only that but we have had trouble getting organised in the way of programming. However of late things have improved significantly we have reduced the size of our team and in doing that only kept committed management. We have also made sure we keep a small amount of podcasts on our lineup and hope to improve them over time.

We have also launched a number of things unfortunately another network likes to pick up our ideas and use it themselves but thats OK as that just shows we are innovative and lead not follow. So now as we approach our first anniversary of the founding of the group we have huge changes in the works. We shall launch a brand spanking new site around January. It is being almost totally rebuilt and should finally break through the problems we have had with the base we have been working on. We are also restructuring the company entirely I cannot say what that entails until everything is final but it involves alot of changes (possibly a name change of sorts). We hope these initiatives will boost our outlook and performance. We are also looking for a new management position to be filled. If interested email us. I believe we can stake our territory in the podcast market, however it is a uphill battle.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.