A week of loss.

What a depressing week it has been, as Australian’s and NZ folks would know TV talk-show host Rove McManus is mourning the death of his actress/singer Wife’s Belinda Emmett’s death. As a fan and someone who runs a Rove Live news site this is terribly sad news. As it is to a large amount of Australians as visible in tributes by many famous Australians and an out pouring of support from ordinary Australians.

Belinda Emmett was a vibrant and talented actress and singer and was terribly struck down with Cancer for many years before finally loosing the battle Saturday morning. My thoughts are with Rove and his family and after having family experiences with Cancer I know how much a terrible and unforgiving disease it is.

Rove is usually an upbeat personality and seeing him inconsolable is such an unusual experience and you just have to feel for the guy so much.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.