Skype 3.0 Beta Released

skypebeta.pngSkype 3.0 Beta has been released. If your not aware what Skype is check out it’s Wikipedia entry. Anyways the new Beta contains some excellent new features including new plugins and so far my favorite is Pamela Call Recorder which I believe like most of these can be downloaded seperately. The quality is quite good although only one track as far as I can see is used it does sound good and fine for most purposes. Especially for what I will use it for.

The User interface has also been improved with a shiny new interface and bigger buttons. Web 2.0 Anyone? Also new are public chatrooms which allow text chats with many people to be public so they can be joined more easily. Unlike private group chats. Nice new feature if you ask me. It seems good so far and a vast improvement over 2.5. Currently only available for Windows check it out here.

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