Sex without marriage? The Government chimes in…

The federal government’s “no sex without marriage” message isn’t just for kids anymore.

Now the government is targeting unmarried adults up to age 29 as part of its abstinence-only programs, which include millions of dollars in federal money that will be available to the states under revised federal grant guidelines for 2007.

The government says the change is a clarification. But critics say it’s a clear signal of a more directed policy targeting the sexual behavior of adults.

“They’ve stepped over the line of common sense,” said James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that supports sex education. “To be preaching abstinence when 90% of people are having sex is in essence to lose touch with reality. It’s an ideological campaign. It has nothing to do with public health.”

Abstinence education programs, which have focused on preteens and teens, teach that abstaining from sex is the only effective or acceptable method to prevent pregnancy or disease. They give no instruction on birth control or safe sex. The National Center for Health Statistics says well over 90% of adults ages 20-29 have had sexual intercourse.

But Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the Department of Health and Human Services, said the revision is aimed at 19- to 29-year-olds because more unmarried women in that age group are having children.

Government data released last month show that 998,262 births in 2004 were to unmarried women 19-29, the ages with the most births to unmarried women.

Abstinence message goes beyond teens.

This will work won’t it? For goodness sakes since when is it the governments job to assist adults in sexual decisions. What happened to the separation of church and state? Did that die when the Republicans were elected or did everyone just forget about it? If your religion practices this thats fine and good but when the Government becomes involved they’re stepping way over the line.

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  1. “What happened to the separation of church and state?”

    This doesn’t have to do with separation of church and state, while I’m against this overall, I just beleve you’re wrong saying it has to do with separation of church and state. It actually has to do with the amount of young adults having kids out of marriage and them not having support from a father and/or mother. Too many familes that don’t have either a father or mother and they aren’t doing well economically.

  2. abstinence is a christian idea. its the same as prayer or the ten commandments statue. just another way Christians feel they can shove their ideology down the rest of our throats.

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