Copying Success?

Funny, now I have something to write about. I have been paying attention to the This Week in Tech Podcast goings on at the moment and a group of fans created a fan podcast. I co-created a podcast a while back along those same lines (Leoville Townsquare Podcast or LTS Podcast) and now I see that podcast as a grave mistake. Riding off someones success which I believe they and LTS podcast are doing is quite sad. It either means you are a huge fan which is fair enough and/or means you have no creativity to create something of your own. I went on to create many podcasts after LTS including The Ploy which I do to this day with Ben May.

After leaving LTS months and months ago realising what it was and understanding the people who criticised the show were right, riding off the success of others isn’t something to be celebrated. People who do these shows even in good faith and even with consent of people like Leo Laporte need to realise what they are doing and find another outlet and get some creativity otherwise put up with the opinions of others like myself that what they are doing is glorifying a lazy persons attitude to podcasting.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.