200 posts and nothing to write about…

Long time, no post. I really have not had anything I wanted to write about lately. As this is the 200th post I wanted something good to write about but nothing that has been going on bothered me enough to post. So instead I will just update some news, A new podcast has joined Negative Penguin Media. It is a daily technology podcast and so far sounds good. We are slowly increasing our lineup and we all agree moving slow is neccesary so mistakes are kept to a minium.

Firefox 2.0 has been released. I had been using the beta’s and release candidates for a while and really like it. The fresher look is very pleasing to the eye and I love the spell check feature. Always handy to have especially while writing a blog post. You don”t know how many times I have posted and had to edit posts over and over as I never notice my mistakes until they are already posted.

Thats my news that I care to share. Here is to 200 more posts.

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