One year of posts

Next month, November 2006 marks the one year anniversary of this blog/website. I have had alot of fun posting here during that time. It has moved from Blogspot to then I finally got a server to put the WordPress software on and have been loving it since. WordPress in my opinion is the superior blogging platform. Nothing surpasses it software wise. Just for good old fashioned blogging WordPress is second to none. I have tried VOX and most likely will stop posting there soon this is my blog I have control over it, I can customise it to be mine.

Allot has happened in the one year period since this blog started in my personal life and yet I rarely post about any of it. I enjoy posting about my interests I have never been into doing an online diary. However being able to write and post opinions is what I think blogging is about and I doubt I will stop anytime soon. Not to mention I paid 6 months in advance for hosting so I ain’t letting it go to waste!

Thanks to people who have read it since I began and to those who stumble upon it once in a while. It has been fun. Oh and for the record this is post 199.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.