Arrested Development

I must admit I hardly ever laugh at television or movies. I find alot extremely predictable and cliched. However after watching an episode of the Emmy award winning comedy series Arrested Development tonight, I actually did laugh many times out loud. It was at the episode named “Motherboy XXX”. Where the character George Michael, son of the main character who is played by Jason Bateman is dragged along by his grandmother to a Mother and Son dance. It was a very funny episode and after not watching Arrested Development for a while it really made me want to watch more. I have seen almost every episode (all of them I think) of the first season. I have only just started watching parts of the second season and obviously enjoying it. It makes me wonder why the program didn’t catch on and was cancelled despite numerous Emmy wins? Do people really want predictable, laugh track sitcoms? If they do I pity the mainstream audience alot, they surely are missing out on a very funny program.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.