Revision3, 4 or 5?


Internet media company Revision3 has relaunched within the last 48 hours. They have recieved a large amount of funding and have a brand new website among other things. They are marketing themselves as a on-demand media website. Where you get visual on-demand content for free (with ads).

They have an original enough idea, however to do this properly they need good content and right now they don’t have good content. Diggnation which features two guys drinking and reading stories off is not the best entertainment choice in my personal opinion. Nor is a ex-cable host ranting and swearing with his friends. If they want to be taken seriously they need to create content that is mainstream and not niche which is what they are currently offering. After watching some of their content, some is borderline illegal and the rest looks like drunk-20 year olds mucking around. Not something I want to watch nor something the mainstream wants.

Another tech orientated network is facing some heat after including ads in their podcasts and website. They now ask for donations and advertisers. I mean my opinion is pick one, I would not donate again now because they have advertisers (and I mean Leo does earn enough). Whats the point? Some people are starting to think maybe TWiT and the network have jumped the shark.

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