Private, for now anyways.

A new article reports that debates are going on right now about the Australia domain name “”. It is the .com for Australia and is currently only available for Businesses with a ABN number (A Business Number). Some people would like to see it opened up to the world for anyone to purchase. However some claim this would mean spam, spyware, search and porn sites could overtake the second level domain name.

Britain also protects its domain names in a similar way according to Australian newspaper The Age. I personally would like to see it opened up but only to people inside Australia. How they would regulate that I have no idea. However I do not want to see the Australian domain names taken up by the rest of the world. I have my eye on, for how long that is the question. New domains being considered are,

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One thought on “Private, for now anyways.”

  1. I don’t know. I’m fairly happy with the current process of requiring an ABN in order to obtain a ‘’ URL.

    It works out because in order to receive one, the URL has to somehow be directly related to your business name or product.

    You don’t get idiots buying all the URLs & blackmailing an individual or company into submission for the address which they know is essential for any business activity.

    Anyone can get a .com – the integrity of those are often questioned but with ‘’ it’s fairly safe to assume what you type in will often lead you to the “right” site.

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