Coonan Problems

The Federal Opposition has attacked the Communications Minister over her suggestion most Australians are happy with the speed of their Internet connection.

Senator Helen Coonan says she is disappointed Telstra has scrapped its $4 billion plan to upgrade Internet technology to make it faster, but that it is not the end of the world.

She told ABC TV’s The 7.30 Report that most Australians are content with things as they are.

“Currently no one is complaining about their speed of broadband in metropolitan areas,” she said.

“Well they ought to be (happy) in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, certainly and Perth,” she said.

“They should be reasonably happy with their speed of broadband, if they have ADSL 2 Plus.

“There are nine providers that already provide these speeds.”

Stupid Bitch
This woman is full of shit to be frank. I am in a regional area near the second largest city in my state of Victoria. My internet connection is a lousy 521/128 however I could go up to 1500/256. That is the fastest connection available to me. I cannot get cable or the DSL+2 as she says. I am sorry I do not live in the centre of freaking Sydney but people outside of the city and some suburbs deserve faster internet. She claims no one is complaining about the speeds, well I am as I know other Australians do on a daily basis. DSL+2 is ok when it comes to speeds however outside of Sydney CBD it is impossible to get. We Australians are still far behind America and so far behind Europe when it comes to the internet. We are slow when it comes to technology and it comes down to the governments outdated policies, ideas and perceptions.

The internet must be faster and rural and regional areas deserve fast speeds. When areas which are still fairly populated cannot even get DSL that is pathetic. It also comes down to Telstra the major phone company in Australia. Half owned by the Government, it needs to return to talks with other ISPs and do this upgrade. If Australia wants to be taken seriously and please consumers outside of the Sydney CBD then they need to get real and get their head out from the sand and listen to computer users who want faster connections.

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Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. Are you aware that it says on ABC website, “Helen Coonan says people in most capital cities should be happy with their high speed broadband connections.” Keyword there being Capital Cities, who are the ones who can normally get the ADSL+2 technologey.

  2. …and my point is not everyone is in capital cities. The current service for people outside the CBD and large Suburbs is pathetic.

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