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Mike Beckham, a regular poster on one of our fansites, RoveOnline, emailed me saying, “I am loving the vidcast/podcast material. As a podcaster myself it is nice to see some bigger places getting into the online media arena. I have to wonder though will these be kept up with updates and content or [not]?” Well Mike, you can be sure that we’ll try to do our best to not only give everyone some of the usual “best of” material you would expect from a podcast, but some exclusive material as well. Online at the moment is my podcast-only interview with Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother and our houseband Famous by Association. Plus, coming soon will be some behind-the-scenes material of Pete and I before the show as well as footage of what happens during the ad breaks of Rove Live – again, available ONLY to podcast subscribers. For the rest of you, don’t worry, we will be updating some new video blog material and exclusive downloads for our site as well.


Rove McManus 3 time Gold Logie winner (the highest award in Australian Television) from the talk show “Rove Live” posted in his section on his shows website this week. Guess who was mentioned? Little old me. This post is definitely self indulgent so tune out if not interested. I have been a long-time viewer of Rove since about 2001. I have enjoyed his show on and off and emailed him after he started a vidcast for his show with extra features etc… So I sent him an email some of which is included in the above quote. He replied, I was happy with a reply. However I was emailed by the RoveOnline webmaster that I was mentioned on his site. I went there and saw that as part of his weekly post. Nice surprise to end the week.

See the full article from Rove here.

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