Podcast Acquisitions

PodTech, a technology podcasting network, has announced that it has acquired Geek Entertainment TV, a technology video podcast. Geek Entertainment TV’s Irina Slutsky and Eddie Codel will be joining PodTech and working with Robert Scoble. “We’ve been talking for a few weeks and actually signed the contracts today,” according to PodTech.

I am suprised at this, not the particular acquisition but that acquisitions are happening at all in the podcasting world. I guess I never thought podcasting reached a stage where this sought of business would take place yet. I mean think 12 months ago, could you imagine a podcast network buying out a podcast. Not to mention this podcast network has “the” Robert Scoble as part of the management.
That alone could not be imagined 12 months ago. Yet a recent report from Nielson has found podcasting is still a niche market and has not hit the mainstream yet. It found that just 6.6 per cent of the U.S. Adult online population or less than 10 million users have recently downloaded an audio podcast (in the last 30 days before the survey took place).

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