Oh my VOX!


Well the latest popular blogging tool around lately is VOX. It offers a community based service where you can add a “neighborhood” and the intergration other sister blogging tool TypePad. So basically it is Blogger with some web 2.0 features with the whole “social networking” fad to it (which by the way was patented by the fledgling social networking siteFriendster, thats right they patented “social networking”). One of the things I believe is helping it become so popular like many web 2.0 companies is the invitation system. Only letting some in and giving out invites to users to give out. Look how well it worked for Gmail, it worked so well for them that more than 2 years after launching it is still “private” although invites are extremely easy to recieve.

I have a account (click here to take a look), however I use it only for commenting on others VOX Blogs like Leo Laporte’s.My blog page just has one post linking to here. Some of the big downsides to this service is Google ads at the bottom of pages and VOX internal ads at the top. Much worse than Blogger’s toolbar and non-removable unlike Bloggers. You cannot edit code, or use themes other than the ones offered by VOX. It does a good job implementing services like Flickr. However really doesen’t offer much more than Blogger and MySpace combined. I personally will stick to WordPress and what I like is controlling my site entirely and hosting it myself (with help from Ben May). You may like it, however I do not.

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  1. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a blogger replacement and vox grabed my attention when Leo started using it. Blogger has fallen behind ever since it was bought up by google. I really wish they would get off their ass and finally add categories. Ads (even google ads) are a big turn off for me, though. I’m looking into trying vox, but I have my doubts that it will replace blogger just yet.

  2. I never thought I would get into WordPress, but I originally used Blogger however it does lack alot of features these days and good themes. I still think WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms.


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