10 Good Reasons for a Broadcaster to Podcast

I do not usually source posts from elsewhere but saw this on BizPodcasting and a link to the original post on PR Thoughts. Anyways it is a good list of 10 Good Reasons for a Broadcaster to Podcast.

  1. A good way to give a second life to a huge amount of content that would directely becomes archives.
  2. An opportunity to create and develop a new audience which might become a new community for the brand.
  3. A way to prepare an evolution to “Television on Internet”.
  4. Generating new traffic on the corporate web (podcasters and bloggers will link to the new available podcast).
  5. Providing a new form of content, for a younger audience.
  6. Generating some rare content, available only and exclusively through the podcast.
  7. Making some buzz to launch new TV shows: give pieces of exclusive previews through the podcast to give a flavour of it prior to the big launch.
  8. A new source of revenu: you can have sponsors for your podcast (allocine is the first in France having been including ads in the show).
  9. Generate excitement for existing shows by producing “best of XYZ”.
  10. An interesting way to reach niche audiences that would not normally be reachable for financial means.
    Link to full post at PR Thoughts.

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