A Season for The PloyCast

The PloyCast finishes its current series next episode on our twenty fifth episode. However after saying to a online buddy that we were finishing our “season” he asked me this.

I have a question, why have you done two seasons in five months?

Reason is we do a group of episodes in a “series” the first group was ten episodes. The second group of episodes was fifteen episodes thus making twenty five episodes by the end of our second “series”. He went on to ask…

This isnt Television though? Podcasts don’t have seasons?

Depends on who you ask. Some podcasts do take breaks we just call each group of episodes a series or season. Thats all it is, a group of episodes. When we return after a short break for a next group of episodes we freshen up the show with new openings, graphics etc… To be funny, like we have to be for The PloyCast we like to take breaks sometimes and freshen up. Whatever we call these, seasons, series or anything else in the end of the day it is just groups of episodes. Nothing else.


We also got criticised having one break after ten episodes, then we will have another after episode twenty five. We only take at max two weeks off in that break and this is also a good way to avoid “Podfade” we keep it fresh, we can have a little time off once in a while and doing this will stop us getting sick of doing the show. It makes us and the audience look forward to a new episode, which is always a good thing. Alas keeping it fresh means a new logo for a new season. So here it is (left of screen) it’s first public appearance right here on this blog. This new logo will premiere on episode twenty six of the show which goes to air in around three weeks when we return for the next series.

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