Foxtel’s smart moves.

The Leading Australian Cable and Satelite provider Foxtel is launching some new programs for the second half of this year on its channels. It also co-owns and runs Austar which is for rural subscribers.


As I said in a previous post The Daily Show with Jon Stewart launches on The Comedy Channel, and other new programs for the channel include a new series of South Park and popular Canadian program Kenny VS Spenny. Now on Fox Classics which screens classic TV shows and movies will begin showing the classic Australian sitcom Hey Dad! Which I havent seen for years but am looking forward to seeing again. It has a reputation for being bad however the series lasted 10 years, over 250 episodes and rated very well until its final series when cast changes ruined the ratings.

Martin Kelly is a successful architect in Sydney bringing up his three children alone while working from home (sort of like half of The Brady Bunch).

I couldn’t live without Foxtel these days. It screens so many great channels and programs I find myself almost never watching the networks. I have been a subscriber to Foxtel Digital since its launch in 2004, having never subscribed to the previous analogue Foxtel service which launched in 1995. I look forward to seeing what the service brings in the rest of 2006 and the start of 2007.

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